Quick Fix

Interesting how life has become so simple. The millennial  in me never thought to research whether or not WordPress had an app! I could never find the time to just sit and write, but I guess I’ve solved that problem. Well, I’m back! After a long sabbatical. 

It’s fitting to that I come back with another recipe post! Yes, it of course is Italian as well. ‘Cause, who doesn’t love pasta?

Grilled Chicken Alfredo Fettuccine

As much as I love making things from scratch, sometimes you just want to take a short cut. And I’m so glad I did with Bertolli’s Garlic Alfredo. Their new line of sauce is pretty tasty and is definitely helpful in a pinch. The most difficult thing about this dish was cutting the chicken breasts in half and pounding out the chicken for a fast grill. You will love this recipe if you just need a quick fix during the winter months.

First, place a large pot to boil water for the fettuccine. Prepare your pasta as you normally would. Next, cut the chicken in half and pound each section until flat. Season to taste before adding them to the skillet. I had to do each section one at a time, but the breasts I used were extremely large to begin with. 

Second, heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a large skillet at medium heat. Place the chicken seasoned side down and season the other side. Learned this trick from Rachel Ray last week. (Don’t you just love her?) Flip once you can see the chicken turning white, sign of being cooked, about 3-4 minutes each side. 

Cut chicken in slivers. Once all the chicken is cooked, add the Alfredo sauce to the pan and add the chicken. 

I like doing this. Why waste all that good seasoning from the grilled chicken!?!

Once your pasta is done, you can mix your sauce with your pasta! And voila!

You have easy (enough) chicken Alfredo pasta! 

Love to know what you think! Leave a comment below or visit me on IG @SnowflakeDesigns. See my newest knit I’ve been working on. Post to follow as soon as I’m done!

Have a great day!☺️

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