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Adventures in Knitting

I had always envied those that could knit. Why was it so hard for me?! I could crochet like there was no tomorrow, didn’t even need to watch my fingers.  If you’ve read my post “Accident Prone,” you will see how my first completed knitting project was a disaster. A disaster in the sense, I did not follow the pattern instructions very well. You live and you learn, right?

Now talk about a flash back. This is the first scarf I ever attempted to20171208_212150491_iOS knit. My tension was all over the place. This scarf had been sitting in my yarn stash for (10+?) years, still connected to the needle. First, I didn’t know how to cast off and second, I lost the pattern I was following. Thanks to YouTube, I have since learned how to cast off pretty fast. It wasn’t as hard as I thought! It’s very interesting how the development of technology has helped the learning process.

Since the infinity scarf debacle, I decided to get some more knitting experience under my belt by completing a few projects as Christmas gifts. One of these projects included the yarn from this original scarf (scroll down for the completed project).

What have I learned through this process? I get too excited for the finished project, I still misread the pattern! LOL. So after pulling rows and rows of stitches, it may take me longer to finish the project, but at least you can’t tell anything was wrong with it. So, I suppose I’ve learned to be prepared and completely read the patterns before beginning. It will take less time in the end.

I absolutely LOVE this vest. What do you think? Yes, I was feeling especially eager this year. Not only was I continuing to learn how to knit, but I ventured in making apparel, as well! I understand this could have taken a complete turn for the worse. If you like this pattern as much as I do, you can find it in the Lion Brand Yarn patterns, or just click on the link.20171225_012146859_iOS

If you’ve read this far, you must be into knitting or crocheting. Maybe even have a Pinterest account, with 100s of pinned patterns? Same here. One of the most common pinned patterns, that I’ve seen, have been the animal cowl hoodies by Heidi May at The Velvet Acorn. It is so adorable! I can’t wait to see it on my niece.

To follow up with the same animal theme, I completed an owl scarf, hat, glove set for my sister-in-law. She loved it! By another great designer, Julie Measures. Such a great pattern; simple, yet elegant.

If you like any of these patterns, follow the links above or you can purchase a custom piece by contacting me at my Etsy shop.

Salute! Buona notte!

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