Post holiday blues…

I don’t know about you guys, but my crafting energy meter tends to sky rocket around the holidays. This past year it was tough getting into that mode, but the year prior, oh yea, I hit the nail on the head! Let me just share this one idea with you.

An Advent Calendar!

To begin, my mother had saved this for me for the last couple of years:

There were so many ways I could have accomplished this advent calendar. Oh, the ideas! But, I had one ☝️ thought that would get this done faster. All I needed was modge podge, printed card stock, bone folder, paper cutter, ribbon, and transfer numbers.

As you can see below, I cut the paper to the width of the boxes, using a bone folder to crease the edges to go around the box. Using a little more glue I folded the ends under and inside the box, like gift wrapping.

I used solid black card stock, cutting them to small rectangles (I used a ripple edged cutter), as backdrops for the rub on numbers. Once this was done, each were glued onto the boxes and sealed with modge podge.

Finally, I used a 1.5″ ribbon to wrap around the box and made a bow for the top.

This is by far my favorite project this year. Being a crafter, I usually make things for everyone else, not myself.

What kind of crafter are you? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.

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