Yarn Craft


It has been a hot minute since I last posted! Missed you guys!

I needed to complete a few more projects for belated Christmas gifts. I found some great ideas out there in the great wide web. One item I am particularly proud of, the crocheted pouf (pattern can be found here). It was very simple to crochet, an easy to read pattern, and the best part of all, the author was very helpful when I had questions! In this pattern, you can use two colors, but I chose to stick with the single color. Oh, did I mention it is a FREE pattern?! Who doesn’t love those??

As you can see, it is quite large! But it was the perfect size for whom it was intended. I made the pouf with Loops and Threads Charisma in off white.

So what made me so proud of this project? It required some finesse and a little sewing to hold the bean bag beads. Now, I know I have mentioned this before, but I do not have any experience with sewing machines and it was on my list of crafts to master this year. What better way to begin learning with such a simple straight stitch?!

img_0759-2It is not the best job, in fact, it’s probably far from it, but it is a start! If you guys have any pointers, links, or videos to help me learn more about sewing, they will be greatly appreciated!


I don’t know about you guys, but I always find crocheting to be easier, faster, and they make great presents on the fly! For my next project, I used several patterns to create a matching set. The ribbed hat seen in progress in the picture to the right, buttoned cowl, and celtic fingerless gloves. These were all made with Vanna’s Choice Lion Brand yarn, in purple mist.

Keep a look out for upcoming posts on my own patterns, more DIY projects, recipes and more!

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