Happy Planner, Organizing


Good day, lovely people!

Forgive me for not staying up to date on the blog and using this post to vent a little. January was a bit hectic, emotionally. After spending almost ten years working towards a field that I felt was meant for me, I have officially bid it adieu. If there is one thing that I learned from the counseling field, in order to evoke change, you must begin making the steps towards the change you wish to see.


The decision to withdraw from pursuing my counseling license did not come easy. It was keeping me from enjoying many things in life and what fills my heart with joy. With that being said, here I am, creating the change I wish to see in my world. While I began this change in January, I found that I strongly lacked preparation and organization.

If you remember in a previous blog post, a friend had introduced me to the Happy Planner. I will be honest, I did not utilize my planner enough during the first month of the year. I am hoping the steps I have taken for the month of February will help keep me motivated. The floral stickers you will see are from Me & My Big Ideas.


There were two major differences I implemented this month. First, I completed the layout for the whole month, including the budget, fitness, and wellness calendar extensions. Each extension pack have their benefits. The budget allows you to keep an eye on all the bills that are due, your expenses, and having a full view of what’s coming in and out. I love the fitness extension pack. I am hoping to really utilize this section this month. (Keep a look out for my fitness blog coming in March.) As for the wellness extension pack, just from the title you may think this may coincide with the fitness pack, but it doesn’t! The wellness pack is probably my favorite, I used it the most throughout the month of January. It promotes mindfulness and reflection prompts on each day.

Since finding my label maker, I have gone label crazy! It is the best thing to have when trying to organize your life. This leads me to the second organizational project. Each pen was assigned a label to represent its task. If you were to use this technique, you can tailor it to your needs. For example, this is how these pens were coordinated:

  • There is one pen for each family member and one for our pets!
  • Purple: Birthday’s
  • Light teal: Mindfulness entries
  • Blue: Appointments
  • Pink: Chores
  • Teal: To do’s
  • Light Blue: Blog
  • Purple Fine Point Sharpie: Nutrition
  • Blue Fine Point Sharpie: Fitness
  • Yellow: Completed
  • Neon Green: Rescheduled
  • Orange: Cancelled

To continue my goal of changing my organizational techniques, tomorrow you will see how I reformed my craft room! After spending a month using the kitchen as a workspace, it is time to get back to using the room as it was intended.

What change will you be working on this month? Share in the comments below. 🙂

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