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Card City Giveaway Winner

I am so stoked to share the personalized handmade cards for the winner of the Card City Giveaway (previously known as sweepstakes). Knowing Valentine’s is coming, they requested a Valentine’s card for their beau and a birthday card for a family member. Their third request was a bit tricky, so I took it upon myself to improvise just a little. First, take a look at the beautiful “Owl always love you” card. I wasn’t sure about the “brown” that made the owl, but I wanted it to be somewhat realistic. The heart was embossed with Cuttlebug’s “old Paris” map. Paris is a wonderful city, the “city of love.” A perfect innuendo for the card’s intended purpose.

For the second card, the winner is expecting to take their family member on a sunny vacation to Mexico during the summer for their birthday. How exciting!! I have never been to Mexico, but I bet there are plenty of palm trees, umbrellas, Margaritas, and lots of enchanted pristine water. The thought of clear skies, beaches, and the sun beaming on the skin is what triggered this perfect birthday card. I truly wish them the best vacation.

As for the winners last request, they wanted something for themselves. Since they are in LOVE with bulldogs, it was hard to just make a handmade card with a bulldog on it. Why not make them something that would last longer, maybe even a lifetime? (One could only hope.) What do you get when you mix a silhouette of a bulldog and flowers? A GORGEOUS filigree bulldog silhouette!! The designer Digitail Designs has over 1,000 designs for the perfect homemade gift.

20180204_062701887_iOSFor this special gift, I used faux leather, E6000, Modge Podge, and thick cardstock for the backing/mat (if you wanted to add one). I highly encourage you to use a new mat before cutting the intricate design. After three attempts, third time was the charm after a run to Joann Fabric.

I think it is so important to really get to know your clients, because it gives the style you use some edge. Take the winner for example, I know they are into glam, thus that’s why I used a shinny background. If your clientèle likes the country style more, go all out and get some pallet wood for background. I will get a DIY post for one of those in the near future.

What projects have you been working on lately?

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