Simple DIY Magnet

At least 20 new cell phones come out a year. Isn’t that something?! Most cell phone companies allow you to “lease” the phone, making it easier to get your hands on the new and improved instrument. With each cell phone you purchase, you must get a case, right? Wouldn’t want anything happening to them!

What do you do with those cases after you are finished with them? Throw them in the trash? But why not find a way to repurpose them?! There are so many cell phone cases with cute little designs on them, why not purchase cases with the intent of repurposing them at a later date? Today, I’m going to demonstrate just how easy repurposing a plastic cell phone case can be! All you will need is some E6000 glue, sharp scissors or X-Acto knife, plastic cell phone case, and a magnet.

This 20180205_133133464_iOSis such a simple trick, you could make it an afternoon craft with your kids! It just takes 3 easy steps!

  1. 1. Cut the figure out.
  2. 2. Apply a dime sized glob of E6000.
  3. 3. Set magnet on top of the glue and let dry completely.

See?! Simple! And there you have it, a simple repurposed magnet to put on your fridge. You can get a large quantity of magnets for a decent price on Amazon. They are extremely strong, too!

Do not forget to let the glue dry completely, at least 10 hours, this is important! The glue will still be jelly like and will need time to harden.

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