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DIY Valentine

We’re getting down to the wire, only 3 days until Valentine’s Day! IKR?! It’s like the year is flying by already, before you know it, it’ll be barbecue season! (Looking forward to DIYing a fire pit!)

But as promised in Friday’s post, I have a simple, fun, last minute, handmade Valentine for you. All you need is the following:

  • 12 sheets of light paper stock
  • 2 sheets of heavy paper stock
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • E-6000
  • Scissors or Cricut machine
  • Scoring tool
  • Small expandable file folder
  • Stickers
  • Printer
  • Colorful printer paper


I have had this expandable folder for so long, I thought it was time to give it purpose. If you were to buy something like this now, it would cost about $5. Most of these items I had already acquired and if you have most of them, too, this project will really be budget friendly.

First, I took off all the stickers and the band off of the folder. After doing some trial and error, I found E-6000 to bond the best on the plastic. I cut the paper down to size and wrapped it around the folder, adding accent paper on the flap. Since this was Valentine’s Day, I had to find a way to hide the blue, that’s where the ribbon comes in to play. Carefully using the hot glue gun, the ribbon was adhered to the edging. If you’re wondering what the rectangular, staple looking contraption is in the right hand picture, that is a ribbon cutter. It will burn the ends to prevent fraying. Now, I’ve had this took in my possession for a long time, but had not used it until I recently cleaned out my craft room and it is AMAZING! Don’t you just hate the fraying that happens on the ends when you “cut” the ribbon? It wasn’t working well with the wired ribbon I used for this project, so I had to cut the ribbon and use a lighter to bond the ends.

It wasn’t such big problem, but I am a cut the middle man out and get to the point kind of DIYer. If you’d like, you can call it lazy, that’s what I call it. I am so lazy, I created a heart template in My Design Space. If you have a Design Space account you can use your Cricut to cut your envelope out too, just click on the heart template link above! I made 12 of these in mostly a black and white motif since I made this for my husband. This is that it will look like when you fold the pre-scored edges


Next, I printed out coupons in fancy font on colored paper. I tried to keep it relatively simple to keep it boyish. I then decorated each with some stickers from Target for .99!


Once those were completed, one or two were placed in an envelope. The expandable folder came with printed monthly insert tabs, so those were used, starting with February. Each envelope was placed randomly in the folder.

To finish it up, I used a thinner red ribbon to place in the already made hole to help keep it closed. And voila, a coupon expandable folder to help the element of surprise the whole year through. This is so simple and reusable! You can plan new surprise coupons for next year, or reuse the envelopes and place them in different months!

What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day?

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