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Handmade Explosion Box – Without the Booom

I think I confused a lot of people on Instagram and even Facebook when I first began materializing my first explosion box. No, this does not include any explosive devices, unless you include the confetti box. This box was completely made from paper, cardboard and poster board.

When I first began the process, I did a lot of research through Pinterest and YouTube. There are SO many tutorials out there. (I will link the tutorials under each photo.) Most of these tutorials work in centimeters rather than inches. I spent a lot of time looking for 45cm dimension paper. Let me save you all the headache, there’s no such thing, at least not in the sources I searched, so I used poster board.

I guess I’m a little bit of a perfectionist, because I spent a lot of time researching and had some performance anxiety, worrying the box would look professional and pretty. Not only was it my first explosion box, but I wanted it to be perfect for a very good friend. So now that she has finally received it, I can finally share with you guys!

What I used

  • Poster board
  • Lots and lots of patterned and solid card stock
  • Scissors -SMALL!
  • Double sided tape
  • Tacky Glue
  • Cricut Explore Air 2 (not required, a lot of the tutorials worked freehand.)

First, in order to get the cutouts of the hearts, I folded a piece of paper in half, creating a template for each corner after measuring approximately 9 – 6″ boxes.

I then completed all of the contents inside so I could figure out how many layers I would have. Most of the templates for the cards and the boxes came from multiple cartridges from Cricut, except for this one. I didn’t have the tools necessary for the job, so I created a file on Cricut to get it to work. Unfortunately, I deleted it. 😭

But good news! The link for this card tutorial can be found here.

This was a fun card to make and super easy, too! I contacted a few of our mutual friends and asked them for a few words to share with our friend. You could also use the spaces to add photos or quotes! Find the tutorial here.This was another one of my favs. If you have some photos, you could place them instead, but I am in love with quotes! Self affirmations are so important in life! Believe in yourself! Find this tutorial here.

There were many other cards I used in this box, but did not include pictures. Below you will find some more of my favorite YouTube tutorials. These are not mine, but they are great!

If you’re interested in having an explosion box custom made, please contact me at Have a great day!

Favorite YouTube tutorials

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