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Therapy Tuesday

I have come to the conclusion, I suffer from anxiety. Mind you, this is a self diagnosis and we all know we are our own worst critiques, but when the signs are there… you have to wonder. Like most people in America, it probably hit me around 9/11. It’s like your mortality is in check and you have a list a mile long of what you want to accomplish before you die and then you start to get overwhelmed. Then when you get overwhelmed, you start to avoid things. This realization is nothing new to me, but I tend to forget about it until I am reminded that I am creating the same cycle.

The signs started over the last couple of weeks. Whenever I try to put a project into action, I have such an issue just getting it started, but once I get it started, it comes out great! I know the core of the problem, I’m afraid of failure. I’m sure I’m not the only one (or am I?) It happens, I know it does, but no matter how many times I tell myself “it’ll be ok” or “everything you do comes out fine”, I still avoid taking on the project right away and it just sits there. I’m using this as an example since it’s such a fresh thought.

Have you ever heard of exposure therapy? It’s a type of therapy where someone engages in the activities they are fearful of, in a safe controlled manner, of course, and gradually faces their fears. This is something I try to live by throughout my life. After that awful day in 2001, I had a horrible fear of flying, (I still do, driving is my go-to form of transportation) but I continue to expose myself to flying because it is way faster than driving 40 hours to California. Is the fear of flying irrational? That’s up for debate, but not on this platform. Facing your fears is a necessity for life if you are not willing to give up living.

As for my fear for failure. It is still something I struggle with, but probably something I will never give up fighting. Nothing may ever come out of this blog or my tiny little business, but it is my outlet that helps me cope with all of the day to day nuances.

Now, there are two types of anxiety. There’s the fear driven anxiety as discussed above, but there’s also good anxiety, like buying a house or getting married. I think it’s important to mention this, because not all anxiety is bad. But, if you are experiencing bad anxiety a lot, this can have an effect on your body from internalizing your anxiety.

With that being said, it’s always a good practice to find activities that help relieve some of that anxiety. So many people do not like it or think it doesn’t work, but guided meditation is so refreshing. Here are some others:

  • Listening to music
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Arts and crafts

Had to sneak that last one in there, because by all means, this is a DIY blog after all. It amazes me to hear how many schools are still trying to get rid of the arts and music programs, when this is such an important tool to have when you’re a kid. It’s a way of coping!!! It’s a way to express yourself in other capacities, rather than engaging in negative coping skills (like, eating a bag of chocolate almonds in front of the TV). I could go on about this, but I will save you a long winded rant. Instead, I’d like to encourage you to think of ways to cope with your anxiety. What are some things you are already using?

I didn’t get a chance to share my ‘Friday’s crafter showcase’ post last week, so keep a look out this Friday!

Disclosure Statement

Therapy Tuesday posts are a form of thought provoking ideas to encourage discussion and not an exact science. Though I’m a Resident Therapist, these are my own thoughts that help me in processing my daily life. If you feel you are in need of talking to someone, please reach out to a licensed therapist within your community.

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