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DIY Valentine

We're getting down to the wire, only 3 days until Valentine's Day! IKR?! It's like the year is flying by already, before you know it, it'll be barbecue season! (Looking forward to DIYing a fire pit!) But as promised in Friday's post, I have a simple, fun, last minute, handmade Valentine for you. All you… Continue reading DIY Valentine

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Valentine’s Day

Can you believe there is only a week until Valentine's Day?! It feels like the New Year just began. I was never one to celebrate this holiday. Don't get me wrong, who doesn't love flowers and chocolates?? But I felt it was just over commercialized and the meaning is lost behind all of that. One… Continue reading Valentine’s Day


Simple DIY Magnet

At least 20 new cell phones come out a year. Isn't that something?! Most cell phone companies allow you to "lease" the phone, making it easier to get your hands on the new and improved instrument. With each cell phone you purchase, you must get a case, right? Wouldn't want anything happening to them! What… Continue reading Simple DIY Magnet

Yarn Craft

Turtleneck Cluster Dog Sweater

I have been waiting for over a week to share this wonderful crochet pattern with you all! In searching for the perfect sweater, requested by a client, I could not find the perfect pattern!! This flabbergasted me! Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of dog sweaters out there, but I wanted something unique and… Continue reading Turtleneck Cluster Dog Sweater

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Card City Giveaway Winner

I am so stoked to share the personalized handmade cards for the winner of the Card City Giveaway (previously known as sweepstakes). Knowing Valentine's is coming, they requested a Valentine's card for their beau and a birthday card for a family member. Their third request was a bit tricky, so I took it upon myself… Continue reading Card City Giveaway Winner